• Seta Multi-Colour Automatic Colorimeter

Seta Multi-Colour Automatic Colorimeter

  • Mã sản phẩm: 15260-4

  • Nhà sản xuất: Stanhope-Seta

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Seta Multi-Colour Automatic Colorimeter

Part Number 15260-4

an automated spectrometric colorimeter designed for rapid colour analysis of petrochemical products, the 15260-4 is selectable for saybolt, astm, Pt-co/Hazen/aPHa, spectral data and cie colour determinations.

Parameters are entered via a menu system, and subsequent testing is initiated by a single key press with results available within 25 seconds. up to 32 results can be stored in the on-board memory. the instrument can also be controlled and data processed on an ibm compatible personal computer using the software provided.


-        Automatic operation

-        Multiple colour scales including ASTM and Saybolt

-        Rapid measurement < 25 seconds

-        Objective colour measurement

-        RS232 interface

-        Integrated remote calibration


ASTM D1209, ASTM D1500, ASTM D156, ASTM D5386, ASTM D6045, ASTM E308, BIS IS 1448 Part 14, BS 2000 Part 196, BS 5339, BS 5859, FTM 791 101, IP 196, ISO 2049, ISO 2211



Supplied with: software, 33mm optical glass cell, 50mm optical glass cell, ASTM Colour 3.5 certified glass conformance filter, spare lamp, universal power supply, and instruction manual.



Measuring Principle :

9 interference filters

Spectral Response :

420 to 710nm

Repeatability :

Chromaticity; (x,y) ±0.0004 Transmittance; ±0.5%

Measurement times Calibration :

Less than 25 seconds Single key press, fully automated

Light Source Illuminants :

5V, 10W tungsten halogen lamp CIE Illuminant A, C, D65

Observers :

2°, 10°

Path Length :

0.1 to 50mm

Interface :

Parallel printer port, RS 232 port

Data storage :

32 Data sets

Input voltage :

Universal via external power supply

Display :

240 x 128 character back lit LCD

Keypad :

23 key membrane keypad, washable polyester, with audible feedback

Instructions :

9 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese

Size (HxWxD) Weight :

17 x 20 x 44cm 7kg

CCCN Code:

Tariff 90275000





BIS IS 1448 Part 14

Colour by Saybolt Chromometer

ASTM D6045

Standard test method for colour of petroleum products by the automatic tristimulus method

ISO 2049

Colour of Petroleum Products

ISO 2211

Colour of Resins, Drying Oils, Fatty Acids and Plasticizers (Iodine Scale)

BS 5339

Method of measurement of colour in Hazen units (platinum-cobalt scale) of liquid chemical products

BS 5859

Methods for determination of colour of petroleum products


Saybolt Colour of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chrometer Method)

FTM 791 101

Saybolt Colour of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chrometer Method)

ASTM D1500

Standard test method for ASTM colour of petroleum products (ASTM color scale)

ASTM D1209

Standard test method for colour of clear liquids (Platinum-cobalt scale)

BS 2000 Part 196

Seta-Lovibond Electronic Colorimeter


Computing Colours Using the CIE System

IP 196

Standard test method for ASTM colour of petroleum products (ASTM color scale)

ASTM D5386

Determination of Colour



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